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Help Your Kids Embrace the Face Mask

2. How to Help Your Kids Embrace the Face Mask 1
Help Your Kids Embrace the Face Mask
By Whitney Stohr, Parent to Parent Coordinator – The Arc of Snohomish County

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, back in the spring of 2020, we all – with some degree of reluctance and trepidation – accepted the necessity of a facemask. We understood that facemasks would help prevent the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus. We hoped it would be an exceedingly short-lived experience.

Yet, here we are in the autumn months of 2021, some 20 months into this global pandemic, and we still have not reached the point of bidding a final farewell to those masks.

They are still necessary and, in many cases, mandated by state and local health policies.

During these past many months, new babies have been born and toddlers have grown into preschoolers who now must learn to wear a mask of their own. Certainly, as many parents have discovered the hard way, this can be a difficult lesson to impart on our children. And, still, it is as important as ever for parents to continue to talk to their kids about pandemic precautions and to practice wearing face masks.

Listed below are resources that can help parents through discussions with their children around the importance of facemasks, as well as tips to encourage proper wearing of facial coverings.

(Please note: If your child has a disability or significant medical diagnosis, please remember to speak with their healthcare provider about their individual needs.)


University of Rochester Medical Center

Learning to wear a mask can be especially challenging for young children and some youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Developed by licensed psychologists at the University of Rochester Medical Center, this toolkit includes helpful tips for parents talking to their children about facemasks, as well as information about items that may help make facemasks more comfortable for children. Read more 

“Masks for 7 Hours a Day? How We Can Start Prepping Kids Now” 
By Genevieve Shaw Brown / Good Morning America

This article features advice from child development experts, who share their top tips for how parents can teach their kids “mask-wearing best practices,” including ideas to make mask-wearing more fun and turning practice into a game. Read more 

By Rebecca Parlakian / Zero to Three

Teaching your young child to wear a mask in the proper way for longer durations will take time and focused effort. This resource offers tips on how to best talk to very young children – specifically, toddlers and preschoolers – about wearing masks in public settings. Read more

Video Resources

“Why Do People Wear Masks?” -- An interactive song by children’s musician and educator Jack Hartmann 

“Heroes Wear Masks” – Story Time with Elmo and Cookie Monster, read by Play & Create 

“Put on Your Mask” – Nursery song by Baby Joy Joy – Early Learning  

Julia Practices Wearing a Mask: “Fluffster Wears a Mask” – A social story by Sesame Street in Communities 




Whitney Stohr is a Parent to Parent Coordinator at The Arc of Snohomish County. She is passionate about advocating for medically complex children and children with disabilities, and their families. She is a mom and medical caregiver herself, who is energized by working closely with other parent/family caregivers. She lives with her three-year-old son Malachi and husband Jason in Lynnwood. Connect with her online at

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