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In this issueAbout T Snoho

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3 ortunities - August AvailableComm Augy Living Fund

T Snohomish County" />

T SnJollaborttent has estably" td a <"trong>Comm Augy Living Fund to make ortuns available for individeals with dev

T SnComm Augy Living Fund gevSs special atm

Comm Augy Living Fund Details &iGuidelines

Com Augy Living Fund Applicatent

Applicatents m015  

Comm Augy Access Fund
T Snohomish County" />
Comm Augy Access Fund details &iGuidelines
Comm Augy Access Fund applicatent

T Snfocus ishthe Comm Augy Access Fund it to provide tealified individeals with funding for NEW inclusive Jomm Augy ties" /> but notnlimited to:

Dance Class                                                               Music Class

Exercise Class                                                           noht Class

Sewing Class                                                              Tae Kwnt Do

Day Camp                                                                    Swimming Class

Cooking Class                                                             ComputermClass

Photoortphy Class                                                     YogamClass

Submissent Dbaslines

This ortuniwill y.  Applicatis thatnmee-hthese requir

Assestive Technology ortun
T Snohomish County" /> nsestency
Assestive Technology Details &iGuidelines
Assestive Technology Applicatent
This ortuniwill
Applicatis m015
Please review the ortuniGuidelines and Applicatents for each specific ortuniInformatent.

Applicatents without g Snretee15ed docu

**In order to suies - as many individeals inh County" /> Individealt arSneligible to receevS ortun funds from T Snohomish County" />

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